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Brush up on your dance lessons by checking out these websites below:

(1) Square dance figures demonstrated by Saddlebrook Square Dance Club 
(2) Animations of Square Dance calls
​(3) German? No problem... Click here

Cost: $7 per person per class - first time is FREE!
7:30-9:30 pm at Highwood Community Hall               16 Harlow Avenue NW
Light refreshments provided 

Need to miss a week or more? NO PROBLEM!
Slow learner, fast learner? NO PROBLEM!
No partner? NO PROBLEM!
Two-left feet? NO PROBLEM!
Quality Instruction!  

A New Twist on an Old Tradition!

This is NOT your grandparent’s Square Dancing! We still dosado but we also recycle, star promenade and scoot back! Done to all types of music from C&W to rock; the people are fun, and the dancing is great!  It is exercise for the heart, mind and soul. No required outfits or costumes. Wear comfortable indoor shoes. Start ANY Monday!

read what others have to say:

“But I can’t dance!”  “Can you walk?”  “Yes”  “Then you can square dance!”

“My friends persuaded me to come three years ago and I had no idea what to expect. I remember laughing a lot while learning, and loving how the moves connected. I could see it would increase my fitness - and my social life.”

“It now has to be a major event to make us miss our square dance night.”

“The first dance was so simple it inspired confidence and I was quite relaxed and happy. I learned that even mistakes are not disasters. I felt this was an experience to be repeated again and again.”

“It was a great relief to find there were no complicated steps and that mistakes added to the fun.”

“The 'experienced' dancers made us feel welcomed and were very encouraging.”

“I didn’t expect to laugh so much. It was way more fun than working out at the gym!“

start any monday

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