theme dance 2018

The theme this year was the 60's!! This GROOVY party had to be rescheduled, but these SQUARES saved the date and came to the party. Our original February date was snowed out, but this only gave our HIP planning committee a chance to TIE-DYE more tshirts and WOW did they put on a BOSS party! If you skipped out to MAKE OUT at the DRIVE-IN then you FLAKED OUT of a FAR OUT party. Everyone had a BLAST!!

toy dance 2017

square dance club

This year the Toy Dance was a hit! There were tons of toys collected for the C.U.P.S. Christmas party and our cash donation box was full. We raffled a new TV, a wine basket and home made cards. Marilyn Fear finally won a raffle prize and took home 3rd place. The other 2 prizes were won by non-square dancers. I delivered the prizes with tons of marketing material, hopefully we'll see them in the fall.

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